What happens after I buy into a break? 

Once all spots have sold we will schedule the break and go live on our YouTube channel where you can watch the action live! 

Where and when is the break? 

All breaks are done via our YouTube channel and will be live streamed for all to watch. If you miss your break the video replay will be found there as well for you to watch at your convenience. 

What happens if I don’t get a card?

If you do not get a card we will make sure to ship you a pack of cards to make up for it!

Where do you ship? 

We will ship anywhere whether it is domestic or international. We love having people from all over joining our breaks. 

What kind of breaks do you do? 

We do Pick Your Team (PYT) and random team breaks. Along with these, we also do random pack breaks when dealing with older product. In this case, you will get assigned a random pack and receive all cards in that pack instead of cards from a specific team. 

How are spots determined?

All random team and pack breaks will be determined using and those videos will be posted as well to share.